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Alterus Partners is a team-oriented venture capital firm, promoting daring innovations and bold thinking. Founded in 2008, our firm currently manages investments in both early and mid-stage technologies. We cater to a wide range of ambitious entrepreneurs and extraordinary companies within the IT sector, with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency, Fintech, AI and machine learning technologies.

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Investing with integrity is our ethos. We believe in investing in the ideas of creative entrepreneurs who exhibit leadership, boldness and innovative spirit across all business endeavours.

Our people are the key to our success. We have deliberately fostered a team-oriented company culture, one in which independent thinking is encouraged and unconventional proposals are celebrated. Our dynamic network of ex start-up managers, post-exit executives and investment strategy specialists is firmly dedicated to utilising holistic investment solutions to achieve extraordinary growth and generate market disruption.

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Throughout this extraordinary year – one made unforgettable by unparalleled obstacles, learning and breakthrough solutions, our company’s triumphs and challenges alike have reflected a resolute commitment to our core values. When confronted with a challenge, our team, investors and community have always strived, and continue to aspire to move forward intelligently and optimistically. Tenacity, integrity, creativity and commitment define how we conduct ourselves as a company and how we approach innovation. In a constantly fluctuating global climate, the ability to adapt and assimilate is pivotal to achieving successful and sustainable progress.
Alterus Partners started as a commodity investment firm and functioned as such until early 2013, when global trends propelled us as investors to move beyond traditional commodities and into cutting-edge startups. Our team believes in evolving cohesively as the macroclimate continues to shift and the digital asset space expands to encompass new markets.
As the GameStop saga early last year reminds us, we have entered a new era of investing, in which technological and regulatory evolutions set the standard. It brings me tremendous pride to represent, support and play a role in manifesting the visions of today’s innovative trailblazers. Dedication to creativity, groundbreaking technological advancements and an unwavering drive for improvement is what it’s all about here at Alterus Partners. We diligently select the companies and individuals we invest in, always reflecting upon the attributes conducive to long-term partnership.
Our impact goes beyond purely financial – this year I have immensely enjoyed getting to know the bold entrepreneurs and teams we work with, gaining a comprehensive understanding of what makes them tick in order to best enable their passion and talent. When choosing to invest in cutting-edge tech startups at early or mid- stages, one essentially becomes a part of the companies shaping our future. Indeed, it is both individual investors and entrepreneurs that hold our future in their hands, rather than the financial giants of the past.
After overcoming the unprecedented consequences and repercussions of the global pandemic, we are more motivated than ever before to drive technology as an equalizing global force and leverage its capabilities to achieve lasting change.

The entire Alterus Partners team and I wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season.