Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.

– Epictetus

Alterus Partners invests in a focused portfolio of innovative and industry-disrupting private fintech corporations both within the UK and around the globe.

Our advanced investment strategies emphasise leaders in three core sectors:

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Alterus Partners invest in start-up companies exploring blockchain solutions that evince potential to generate meaningful and sustainable global change. Our service offerings are all geared towards a common objective: facilitating the expansion of emerging blockchain technologies by accelerating cutting-edge proposals. Our firm provides financial backing, access to an exceptional global accelerator program and unparalleled consulting services to drive innovation across the broader payment space and deliver tangible results.


Alterus Partners invests in entrepreneurs and innovative teams that stand out from the competition and illustrate passion, talent and the skill necessary to achieve lasting change. We operate with a long-term perspective of the FinTech space and provide companies with the financial backing they need to scale up revenues, enabling them to build durable and capital-efficient business models. With a focus on sustainability, we specialise in propelling innovation across the software sector and bringing transformative visions to life.

AI Technology

Our firm understands the value of increasing connectivity and machine learning capabilities within our modern technological climate. Thus, we are eager to dedicate early rounds of funding to Deep AI and machine learning technologies, investing in companies that we believe have the power to harness modern intelligence to change the world for the better. Our core focus lies in companies that demonstrate profound expertise in algorithmic sciences and apply their skills to develop breakthrough solutions and address modern complexities.

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